The Culinary Experience

A collaboration between Yeong Sue Jan and Raluca Grada, as part of the Architectural Association's Interprofessional Studio. Performed and exhibited at Roca London Gallery, UK.

The Culinary Experience began from the theme of Flow Fields, bringing to life the journey of water as dining guests were taken on a journey of three stages : Involve, Revolve and Evolve. A performative dining experience that explores aspects from the individual to the collective, the ephemeral to the lyrical, and the tantalizing to olfactory. Through not just consuming, but actively making and sharing, this gathering instigated new ideas about the dining as a performative experience. 


Overall Design Yeong Sue Jan                        Chefs Raluca Grada, Theo Lorenz                  
Music Andy Dean
Performers David McAlmont, Mauricio Virgens
Cinematography Young Eun Kim
Video Editing Yeong Sue Jan








Food Design, Performative Design