0002  persons
0004  sheets of timber 2.4 x 1.2m
0024  pcs of chairs & cushions
0072  cable ties for pairs of legs
0144  pcs of triangle legs
0288  pcs steel hinges
1152  screw bolts
1152  nuts for the bolts
78++  hours of production

This stool was birth from a bigger function of the AAIS Culinary Experience - to serve as furniture for 20 guest. Conceptually re-iterated from the main focus of triangulations, the stool emphasizes on the geometric forms of the entire project.



Aim was to produce 20 -30 chairs.Sponsorship from B&Q allowed us to get timber sheets for free. A schematic had to be produced in order for the most effective way of cutting up the irregular shapes of Triangles for chairs.

1. Get all the pieces cut in the AA workshop
2. Sand them down and cut edges for more stability at the legs.
3. Purchasing the hinges, right length of bolts and nuts to secure the legs to the top.
4. Drilling holes and assembling hinges and 6 pieces of legs one by one.
5. How to attach the legs together when becoming a furniture – cable ties.


Furniture Design