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_MG_9533 _MG_9538 _MG_9549 _MG_9568 _MG_9575 Suddenly overwhelmed by this longing to go back in time. this is me being all emotional. in order : caryn's bday at Jamies + westlife concert / kaa kaa!/ hilary's birthday /dressing up & being girls before the lavender fielday/silly faces with kimi in greece / right after my 24th birthday /the day the olympic torch came to hatfield / christmas getaway /outside rainbow/ donna erika! / shaunlyewoozychinchin/ them showing support at the final exhibition / being zambian at the worldcup ele house : chipolo polo eyeeehhh / weilin's bday + pinata! /bbq summer nights /guys learning bsb moves / backyard filming / couch out of the house / summer lovin defintely


  its been a struggle recently. to suppress emotions that i know wont lead to anything good. why has jealousy so easily become part of me lately? Lord I need to keep close to You. else it will be too easy to fall away.

i edited this post with the intention to keep it private. but after writing it all down im beginning to realize why i would have liked this to be kept private. because there is this fear. a fear that after all that has happened, and all this while, i remain unchanged. God, I pray, please let this not be. If you have caused me to realized this, then please please i plead, not let me be the same person i was before.