a year ago

we were in the states// tripping around las vegas// taking a helicopter ride down the grand canyons and colarado river// walking out on see through glass elevated few hundred feet of the ground// navigating our way around chinatown in san fran to celebrate CNY// busy enjoying "yok kon" brought 2000 kilometers from Malaysia//

looking back at the pictures really makes me miss the yeongs! and family time.  ps: checkout our super duper excited expression over the helicopter ride. ngeee. ;)

one the other side of Buda

Has it already been three months? three months since we traveled along the banks of the river in Budapest. three months since the last captain ball game at Roberts Way field. Three months since my 1st year of UK living. it feels pretty surreal since coming home to familiarity. halfway along summer with my regular routine of work, home and church, i found myself wondering whether or not i really did spend the last 9 months in Hatfield.funny.

and now I'm back here. you would think that coming back the second time would have been easier on the heart. having already known what i was coming back to. but rather, things seem foreign. strange. throughout the last 3 days of unpacking, I've come across bouts of homesickey-ness that you would never have expected to appear. and when these bouts come about, I crawl slowly into my bed, close my eyes and start singing. singing anything that will draw me close to Him. because in all the midst of strangeness, there is always one constant familiar. one constant friend. that will always be close no matter where I go.