love is a choice

3 hours into our midnight morning LRC time, this phrase that Liz reminded me of from our weekend conference with Ps. Marcus popped into my head. He talked about the 
choices we make, not just in our love relationships, but also in the context of a sustainable church, how sometimes, being able to carry out a vision continuously to 
the next generation and so forth requires a great deal of sacrifice on our part. I guess, only if we choose to stay together can we come to a point where we can look back with 
a deep sense of victory and say "hey, look what we survived and came through". 

falling in love is one thing. but to be able to fall in love and still be in love 50 years down the line brings it to a whole different level altogether. and that is what i long for.

"in the dark, on the phone"

lying here in the dark,the first bar of john mayer's guitar strumming strikes a memorychord of the time you sat in our car after a night out. for some reason, your car was at 
judson's house and we had to send you there. I remembered playing a mixed cd with 
songs like Iris, All my life, St Patricks Day. at the beginning of each song you made a 
very Andrew like expression of how much you enjoyed these songs. I remember how 
delighted I was that you loved the songs I chose and how I wished Judson stayed fur-
ther just so we could have your company in the car for a little while longer.