this girl is insane

I was sitting at the pc, sorting out my links and then i clicked on her. Nirrrimi.Stumbled on her last year or the year before on carbonmade. i can't imagine how
i've forgotten this amazing photographer. 
She is eighteen and she has already shot her first campaign ad for Diesel.
Her pictures are insane. INSANE. and shots she did when she was 14/15/16/17 years
old makes everyone else's look like crap. well. not crap but  when i was 14 i was still
taking stupid potraits of myself in the room with the same 45 degree angle
WHICH I STILL DO NOW. fail fail fail fail. :(

and to think she shoots with only a 400D. it's people like this who deserve an upgrade
to a 5d mark II with a 35mm 1.4L and a 50mm 1.2L and a 85mm 1.2L II and not some
guy who just suddenly decides to 'pick up' photography and doesn't know a thing about
bokeh or composition or vignette and goes from a 500D to a 50D in no less than three
months. yes. i know of people like that. bah. sorry la. just venting out my irritation
with these people. but i guess it's their money so who am i to judge. 

so check her out here and here :)


This is pure honest to goodness, trueblue, fingerlicking incredible creative goosh
ness! The Smilebooth’s idea came originally from Labour of Love, and then people 
came up with more more super delicious backgrounds for the booth. I cannot wait 
to start doing this. Posted this with YANA and KIMMY in mind coz I know they would
love this as much me.

I’m planning to do one for my upcoming birthday – of which I am shamelessly 
announcing. just in case. I’m thinking tiaras, pink, silver, wayfarers and pretty 
frocks. So, what say you? Join me? ;D


This is a little note from that contented snug feeling I have in my tummy or in my 
head, whichever it may be reporting that after weeks & weeks of tumultuous fretting,
uncontrollable worrying, panicky moments that found my head exploding with the
repetitious question of ‘WHAT SHOULD I DO?’, petitions and prayers in the midst 
of vulnerable tears, I have found my answer. 

Perhaps not a fully mapped out answer, but a clear small step to where God is 
leading me. 

Really. It’s tough to describe this overwhelming sense of sureness and I fear that if
I try, it would only veer off into a different direction altogether. So be contented with 
my note, and wait till I un-jumble all my words out into proper sentences. For now I 
will leave  you with two videos that has shown me just what I want to do with my life.

Jeremiah 29:13
"You will seek me and find me when you seek Me with all your heart."

petal dreams

 asdfasdewtgwerAndrew went to camerons & got me a whole bunch of lovely purple-pinky roses
which I happily planted everywhere - bedside table, In the dining room, bathroom,
dressing table. i know how i said my favourite flowers are carnations but roses
do make me quite the happy too  ;D especially in this shade.

here's a scene from my current state of mind : breezy smoky evening, pink
lanterns, chalk, bird cages, helium balloons, salmon sashimi, sweet cupcakes,
a huge umbrella, violet skies, espadrilles & Lola. one day, i'll make it a real scene
and what fun that would be. you're all invited. ;D