renewed gratitude

There's a whole list of photos waiting to be poster up here. Mostly from my trip toMelbourne, but before I do any pixel exhibition, there's something else I'd like to 
write about my trip down under. A few weeks before leaving, andrew’s grand
father passed away, and it got me thinking on and on about how blessed I am to 
have not one or two but four grandparents still alive and healthy and so at the 
funeral, I vowed to appreciate this trip more than ever, {we were going for my 
sister’s graduation, all four grandparents, parents, a cousin and me.} Of course, 
how ironic it all had to be that the trip with the company I had intended to value 
and treasure more so than my previous trips turn out to be one that irritated me 
quite a fair bit. Well, not all the time, but I found myself getting easily agitated 
and annoyed at little bitty things that usually would have just slipped along fine. 
here and there again, I caught myself letting impatience get the better of me 
and chided myself for being so selfish but those were regretfully few.

I felt somewhat edgy and uncomfortable with the whole situation which must 
have been the Holy Spirit's working though I don't think anyone else knew 
what went through my mind all the way from KLIA back home. I think they all 
thought I was sleeping. Hence this blog post. I need to say what was on my 
mind in that 75 ish minutes of driving from the airport. I was selfish. And all 
I had seen throughout the trip was their weakness, their incapability, not fully 
appreciating their kindness, their love, their care and their patience. And so, 
Im writing this with a renewed sense of gratitude for my family. most people 
i know only realize how much they value their family when they live on their on. 
thankfully i don't need to wait that long to realize what a great thing i have 
going on in my life right now.

{*} I am thankful for my dad, who is beyond generous and has such a huge 
heart for others.And for being so strong on the first day even though he 
fainted during the flight.

{*} I am thankful for my mum, who in all her grace, bears with all complains, 
whining, harsh words and impatience with such dignity. And for waking up 
each morning to cook us breakfast.

{*} I am thankful for my sister, who did countless and endless things for us
(and for me especially) during the trip without complaining.

{*} I am thankful for my Popo, who is thinks about everyone’s health and 
safety before hers. She is really like a doraemon as in anything you might 
possibly need, she has in her pouch.And who is so skillful in hiding a blade 
in her handbag that not even security could detect it. {I only found out at the 
end of the trip, how genius is my grandmother?}

{*} I am thankful for my Gong-gong who supplies us with countless jokes 
during dinner and lightens up the atmosphere.

{*} I am thankful for my Mama who worries about us all the time. And for 
making an effort to walk long distances despite her hurting knee.

{*} I am thankful for my Ye-ye who is the peacemaker amongst everyone. 
And for teaching me and my sister all those words in Chinese and for the 
laughter he provided for us with his self learnt  English words. And also for 
showing me that after many years of marriage, his love for my grandmother 
is still that strong.

{*} I am thankful for my brother {who wasn’t there at the trip} coz his absence 
made me realize the need for a young strong man on every vacation.

{*} And that’s why im also thankful for my cousin, who somewhat replaced 
my brother in his ability to help carry heavy loads, help take pictures of me, 
translate Chinese conversations and laugh along with my silly antics.

AND. A hugger gratitude towards GOD, who is so capable of loving me 
despite my shortcomings. Who is man that you are mindful of him?
The son of man  that you care for him? - Psalms 4:8


i forgot to also mention that im thankful for my JIGGLER JENN, who so 
patiently help translate and layaned my grandparents, and lent me her 
tweezers, and shared my joy over small little things like lighted up mirrors 
and lip gloss. wished you came along with us on the great ocean road & 
wished i went along with you to that factory outlet sale!